LuxArt Twins.

While attending the American Society for Microbiology Conference for Undergraduate Educators (ASMCUE), I caught up with the LuxArt Twins (i.e Anne Estes and Mark Martin) who were providing a free LuxArt workshop for ASMCUE attendees. This episode explores the LuxArt workshop over two days, with day one focusing on the experimental procedure (and bacteria sniffing) and day two for the unveiling of the results! 


Drunk Fungus.

Episode three is finally here and it's all about drunk fungus. In this exciting episode, Carla chats with Tom Baker, brewer and entrepreneur, about the different types of microbes involved in beer brewing. As Bar Hygge staff set up for the night ahead, Carla and Tom discuss microbial fermentation, the alcohol tolerance of yeast and the magical role of microorganisms in creating the unique taste profiles of beer and alcohol. 


Into the Forest.

Episode two of Branding Bacteria dives into the forest with Ethan Drury, PhD student from University of East Anglia who is working on the 'Antibiotics Unearthed' project launched by the Microbiology Society. During this episode, Carla and Ethan discuss citizen science and its application in antibiotic discovery, the Antibiotics Unearthed project and forest adventures.