Our Mission

Game Doctor is a solution driven organisation that aims to transform STEM and health education through production of digital media. Founded by microbiologist Dr Carla Louise Brown, the company develops mobile games, software and media to educate the community with complex topics in science and healthcare.

To align with current trends in digital gaming, the team focuses on casual game production (i.e. short and simple games that are accessible to diverse audiences and settings) and immersive technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

Additionally, the team of creative and scientific experts also produce engaging videos and animations, used to showcase science and healthcare to wider audiences.

We currently provide services to the science and healthcare industry, with our clients including:

  • Universities and academic researchers

  • Public health professionals

  • Science festivals

  • Biotechnology companies and start-ups

The decision to move from research to business happened after delivering an outreach session at a library in East Glasgow. A young boy was really anxious when I introduced myself as a microbiologist and apologised for being ‘rubbish’ at science. However, after 30 mins playing with our Bacteria Combat card game and app, he was comparing different bacteria, discussing antimicrobial resistance and proposing new functions for the game.
These are the moments I live for and that keep me going when business is tough.
— Dr Carla Brown, Founder

Since 2016, we have strived to make learning on science and healthcare accessible and exciting through development of digital games and media. Our products are used internationally across educational and healthcare settings to communicate complex topics to students and patients.

Game Doctor is a great ambassador for STEM careers and students seem to really like the products. We look forward to working with them again for future STEM workshops and sessions
— Science teacher, St Joseph's Catholic School Swindon.

What We've Achieved