We were approached a few months ago by Dr Manas Tiwari who was eager to install our short film Antibiotic Apocalypse into the waiting room at his resident GP surgery.

We can now confirm that Antibiotic Apocalypse is now LIVE at his surgery in Greenock and will be shown as part of an educational presentation to change public perceptions on antibiotic resistance. 

This translates to over 500 patients seeing our film every week!

Stop the resistance.


Antibiotic Apocalypse installed in patient waiting room. Photography by Manas Tiwari

Antibiotic Apocalypse installed in patient waiting room. Photography by Manas Tiwari

Game Dr fungal apps installed at Royal Society summer exhibition

It's been an exciting week for Game Dr! Our two new microbiology apps were installed at the Killer Fungus exhibit at the Royal Society Summer exhibition (July 2016).


Our two new apps, Fungal Invaders and Killer Fungus:Evolution were developed for Prof Neil Gow fungal research group at University of Aberdeen. We teamed up with developers Monocool Interactive to make these amazing games and artwork was designed by Siam Colvine !




Our CEO's first TEDx Talk is now online!!

As part of University of Glasgow's annual TEDx event, our CEO Dr Carla Brown delivered her first TED talk that investigated the use of games to change public perceptions on health.

The event was held in March and showcased a diverse range of speakers and topics including how pole dancing can improve perceptions of body image and 'the perfect career'.

Through the talk Carla discusses the ability of games to educate players on antibiotic resistance, bowel health and sexual health.

Carla's talk is now available to watch online !


Catch Carla Brown's talk here:

Fungal Invaders installed at Aberdeen Science Centre!

2016 has been an extremely busy year for Game Dr.

Not only have we extended our team, we have also collaborated with Scottish based developers Monocool Interactive to produce a series of educational microbiology apps for Professor Neil Gow, University of Aberdeen.

The first game of the series titled Fungal Invaders, uses the mechanics of Space Invaders to educate players on antifungal drugs and how they are used to kill different fungal infections.

This was an extremely beneficial collaboration - Monocool brought so much diversity to the creative process and taught us a lot on popular game play mechanics and the development process.

To bring the game to life, University of Aberdeen recruited an innovative installation company - FifeX - to create an old school arcade exhibit where the game was installed.

The Fungal Invaders arcade exhibit has now been installed at Aberdeen Science Centre!  Get along now and beat the high score!

Photography by Barbara Gorgoni

Fungal Invaders app is available on Google Play and will soon be published on the App store!

Download now: