fungal invaders

where microbiology meets space invaders.


To educate on fungal infections and fungal resistance to antibiotics, Game Dr teamed up with Monocool Interactive and Professor Neil Gow, University of Aberdeen to develop an exciting, Space Invaders styled gaming app.

Fungal Invaders is an excellent tool to educate on how medicines such as antibiotics treat and kill different infectious fungi. The game also showcases the impact of antibiotic resistant during the treatment of fungal infections.

Download now:

- Battle different fungi including Cryptococcus and Candida albicans

- Use different antibiotics (also termed antifungals)

- Protect your human tissue from infection and destruction


Fungal Invaders was showcased at Royal Society Summer Exhibition (2016) and has been installed as an arcade game at Aberdeen Science Centre. 

The game is now available for download on Google Play and App Store. 

Lock and load your antibiotic syringe and beat that high score!