The team at Game Dr have been designing and developing digital games for science and healthcare since 2012. We work with scientists, healthcare professionals and researchers to develop bespoke products capable of communicating complex concepts in this field.

Our development team is comprised of scientists, developers, artists and designers who work collaboratively to develop unique mobile games to engage and empower players in science and healthcare. Learn more about our development methodology here.

Why work with Game Dr?

  • Experience: We have extensive experience in mobile game development (iOS and Android). We also have good experience in HTML5 development and native and hybrid mobile application development.

  • Passion: Our team are extremely passionate about what we do. Above all, our key mission and goal is to deliver engaging and innovative games that have the ability to change perceptions of players towards important topics in healthcare. In addition to development, our team regularly deliver talks and presentations with the healthcare and scientific community in order to increase implementation of digital gaming in this field.

  • STEM and healthcare knowledge: In addition to technical and creative talent, the team is also comprised of scientists and was founded by microbiologist, Dr Carla Brown. To this end, we have extensive knowledge on science and healthcare and therefore create highly accurate and relevant products.

  • Bespoke development: At Game Dr, we aim to bring your ideas to life and therefore create bespoke game products for every client. For example, when working with our client at University of Aberdeen (a fungal microbiologist), we developed two entertaining and bespoke mobile games to showcase his research in fungal infections.

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