Killer Fungus: Evolution is an exciting mobile game, developed to educate on how fungi evade and attack the human immune system. Most fungal species live in the human body happily and are recognized as 'good fungi' or 'microbiota'. However, when fungi evolve special powers and skills they can infect human cells and cause damage. These fungi are called 'pathogenic fungi'. 

Killer Fungus: Evolution allows players to build and create pathogenic fungi by buying and upgrading special skills that represent real genes that fungi can express. 

In this amazing game you will put a range of Fungal skills to the test and find out exactly what combinations are needed to create a super fungus that can survive immune cell attack!

Equip your fungi with different skills:

• Grapple
• Shield
• Stealth
• Decoys
• Toxins
• Morph

Killer Fungus: Evolution was developed for Professor Neil Gow (University of Aberdeen) in collaboration with Monocool Interactive. Download now from Google Play and iTunes.