Scientific methodology for development of games and digital products


Game Doctor use a robust design methodology for the development of educational mobile games. This methodology is the culmination of four years worth of work and the release of six mobile games. Implementation of this design methodology ensures development of a successful product that aligns with the brief and agreed budget.

Our methodology has been used for the development of mobile games, mobile application and web applications for Universities and healthcare organisations across the UK.

Read about our work with University of Aberdeen here.


1. research & development (2-4 weeks)

The first stage in the development cycle is research and development. For this stage, we research scientific and health literature to identify important themes for the game. We then create several game concepts that are reviewed by the client. One concept is then selected by the client and used to develop a game design document. The design document functions as a technical outline to guide game development. This is a live document and will undergo minor changes throughout development.

Deliverables: Game Proposal; Game Design Document

2. rapid prototyping (2-4 weeks)

The second stage of development is prototype development. Prototypes are developed to test the core game mechanic and key functions of the software. Game prototypes will contain basic software and very basic artwork. The developed prototype game is reviewed by the client and also tested with end users using interactive sessions and focus groups. All feedback from prototype testing is used to finalise the design document and plan for final game development. Prototype testing is critical for development as it provides quality assurance on the game concept, mechanics and educational content.

Deliverables: Very basic version of mobile game

prototype development.png

3. development and release (8-16 weeks)

The final stage is game development and release. During final game development, the prototype software will be expanded and built upon to include all game features and functions stated in the design document. In addition, all artwork will be improved and animations will be added. If new features were added to the design document, this stage may also include periods of research and development. The total timescale of final development will depend on the complexity of the mobile game. The outcome of this stage is publication of the game on iOS and Android application stores for dissemination by client. Marketing services can also be provided at this stage.

Deliverables: Advanced and complete version of mobile game


The summary above provides a simple overview of the methodology. If you require more information on the core stages and documentation/timelines please contact the team and we will be happy to help.