Discovery Day at Edward Jenner Museum

Game Dr to exhibit games, apps and media at Edward Jenner museum

Discovery Day, organized by Dr Jenner's House Museum, is  a brand new event to educate and engage the public on immunology and  vaccines. The aim of the event is to showcase science and research Dr Jenner (inventor of vaccines) would be working on if he were alive today!

Presenters and exhibitors include:

  • Game Dr
  • British Society of Immunology
  • Cheltenham Science Group
  • The Royal College of Pathologists 
  • Bristol Dinosaur Project

Visit Discovery Day on August 27th and playtest Game Dr mobile games and learn about the invisible world of microbes!

Learn more about the event and exhibitors here.


The Game Dr team received extremely exciting news this week. Founder and Director, Dr Carla Brown has been selected as a finalist for the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe competition for Science and Healthcare. 

  Forbes, 2017.

Forbes, 2017.

During this amazing competition, Carla will attend the Forbes Class of 2017 summit in Israel in April. This achievement marks a key milestone for the Game Dr initiative.

Read more about Carla's competition profile and the competition here:




Check out our new blog post for Biochemical Society!

Last week to celebrate our success in Science magazine's Dance your PhD competition, we wrote a short article on Antibiotic Apocalypse for the Biochemical Society! Not only does the article describe the motivations, production and outcomes of the project, it also explains how we visualized the story of the film. 



Read 'The Visualization of antibiotic resistance through creative film' here.



Antibiotic Apocalypse selected as Biology WINNER for Science Magazine competition!

We are excited to announce that our first film, Antibiotic Apocalypse was selected as the Biology Winner for this year's Dance Your PhD competition run by Science Magazine!!

Well done to all of our excellent team. A tremendous amount of hard work and enthusiasm went into this project. 

From the beginning of production, this team has functioned like a small family dedicated to antibiotic resistance education. 

A special thanks to the wonderful dancers..

Tom Wohlfahrt - Antibiotic
Sofie Strandberg - E. coli
Chloe Schiphorst - Lactobacillus 
Juan Barton - Klebsiella 
Kaja Jurkowska - Bacteroides


Thanks for making this film a success.